Me an' Er

Julie, who Sugar Sulivan once said
"I've been watching you, you're really good"
seen here with Frankie Manning

Alan, who Frankie Manning once said
"You're sitting in my chair"
seen here with Dawn Hampton

Julie has been dancing since she was a kid, mainly with her father Keith, who is an excellent Ballroom Dancer. Alan was dragged, by Julie, to dance lessons and was physically shaking on the first day. However, he got to like it, particularly Latin & Rock n' Roll, and it snowballed from there. They both spent a lot of time at 50's Rock & Roll clubs, as Alan played in a band. However, they soon got interested in 1940's Swing and commuted every Tuesday night to London to learn Lindy Hop with Simon Selmon of the London Swing Dance Society. Shortly after this they made their first trip to the world famous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden to learn from the master Frankie Manning. An unforgettable experience.

They've been teaching dancing for over 15 years specialising in 1940's Swing and what they term "Social" ballroom. (Alan calls it Street Ballroom) Their lessons are great fun and you will always learn something new.

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